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Heap's 3D API (H3d) defines a collection of classes for 3D graphics. The following sections covers its usage.

  • Events and interaction

    Making objects interactive is done creating a h3d.scene.Interactive instance. You give it a target object and attach it to a parent...

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  • FBX Models

    FBX Models can be exported from various 3D editors and loaded into Heaps...

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  • GPU Particles

    Heaps supports rendering particles on the GPU. This allows for an extremely high amount of particles to be rendered on screen with very little performance impact...

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  • Lights

    Heaps supports real-time lighting. There are currently two types of lights supported, directional and point lights...

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  • Material Basics

    Materials are the cornerstone of viewing content in 3d. Your scene can have many objects with geometry but if no materials are applied you will not see anything in your viewport. ..

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  • PBR Materials

    Heaps has support for PBR (Physically Based Rendering) Materials. PBR Materials attempt to simulate lighting conditions more accurately than the default material types. PBR materials combine with your environment, lighting and renderer to create realistic looking materials. The material look is derived from 3 properties - the material color, roughness and metallic. Those properties combined with modifications to the environment and lighting power and renderer exposure are what creates a stunning and realistic look...

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  • Shadows

    Heaps has support for real-time shadows. Objects can both cast and receive shadows. This is set at a material level. In order to for shadows to work properly normals need to be calculated for your geometry...

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  • World Batching

    Because modern 3D scenes can often get large, certain optimizations need to be made to keep your application running at an acceptable framerate. One of these optimizations involves batching. Heaps offers a way to batch meshes into a single object that will reduce the amount of draw calls and keep your frame rate high...

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  • Render Target

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